General Audience catechesis

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis during his General Audience in St Peter’s Square on Wednesday reflected on the spiritual work of mercy, to bear wrongs patiently, telling the faithful during his catechesis that patience is a virtue.


Below find the English language summary of the Pope’s words


Dear Brothers and Sisters:  In our catechesis for this Holy Year of Mercy, we now consider the spiritual work of mercy which is bearing wrongs patiently.  In showing patience to those who wrong us and, by extension, to those we find irritating, we imitate God’s own patience with us sinners.  Exercising patience with others also challenges us to reflect on our own conduct and failings.  Patience is also required in two related spiritual works of mercy: admonishing sinners and instructing the ignorant.  We think of the patience shown by the many parents, catechists and teachers who quietly help young people to grow in faith and knowledge of the important things in life.  Helping others to look past the ephemeral, to discover the Lord’s will in their lives and thus to find lasting joy, is a great act of charity.  By serving our brothers and sisters in this way, our own minds and hearts are purified and renewed.  May the Holy Spirit grant us the generosity and patience needed to support and encourage those around us, so that together we may cherish the things that truly matter.

(from Vatican Radio)


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