Pope prays for quake struck populations and leprosy victims

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Sunday reiterated his closeness to the earthquake struck populations of Central Italy who are still suffering the consequences of the quake as well as the effects of extremely difficult weather conditions.

Speaking after the Angelus Prayer to some 25,000 faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope appealed to political authorities saying “May these brothers and sisters of ours never lack solidarity and  the constant support of the Institutions.”

“And please: may no kind of burocracy stand in the way, causing delays and ulterior suffering” he said.  

The Pope also recalled World Leprosy Day with an appeal to beat the disease but also to fight the discrimination it generates.

Referring to the observance, marked annually on the last Sunday of January, he pointed out that  although leprosy is in decline, it is still much feared and it invariably strikes the poorest and the most marginalized persons.

“I send my encouragement to those who work to assist the victims of leprosy and assure them of my prayers” he said.  

(from Vatican Radio)

from News.va http://ift.tt/2jFFcPn

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